Hustle to do more in less time

Help road warriors be more productive

Whatever burdens road warriors face, lugging around a heavy laptop and worrying about security should not be on the list.

The Lenovo ThinkPad is worthy of your dedicated road warriors. From Gobi-enhanced wireless performance, and legendary durability, Lenovo's sleek laptops and tablets give your workers the tools they need to do more with less.

Road Warrior Tested

The thoughtful design and smart solutions inside Lenovo ThinkPad laptops and tablets provide every road warrior a great experience.

Lenovo ThinkPads come with fast, responsive processors to reduce wait time. We’ve also introduced Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience PCs with a 57% quicker boot up time and a 5-second shut down.

Lenovo offers the best combination of industry security features including theft recovery and encryption. We can help you locate lost or stolen laptops and tablets and disable them remotely. We also offer both software and hardware encryption, so your company’s data is secure no matter where your road warriors may roam.

Just What Your Road Warriors Asked For

From our new ThinkPad Tablet to raw computing power disguised in the thin, light ThinkPad X Series, Lenovo has the perfect portable PC for every road warrior offering:

With all the features your road warriors want and need, Lenovo helps you boost end-user productivity and keep costs low after the purchase.