Secure your data

Lenovo PCs are the ultimate crime fighters

Today’s cybercriminals are sneaky and sophisticated, not to mention the “offline” thieves who are out to steal laptops from unsuspecting employees. Protecting your organisation’s PCs from security threats can seem like an insurmountable task.

Lenovo has powerful security and protection tools that prevent malicious malware, viruses, and worms from crawling into your computers. We can even locate and control PCs that have been stolen.

The Lenovo layered security approach

We’ve added the capabilities of our industry-leading partners, such as Sophos, Computrace, and Intel to our own technology, for even more security and anti-theft solutions.

Lenovo’s security begins with our core technology and our award-winning ThinkVantage Technologies. Exclusive to Lenovo, ThinkVantage Technologies provide solutions you won’t get anywhere else, including: