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Thinkvantage® and Think Design

Thinkvantage® Technologies

Did you know that around 20% of a PC's cost comes from the upfront purchase and the other 80% from ongoing maintenance?

ThinkVantage® Technologies do all the behind-the-scenes computer work for you, so you can concentrate on the job at hand, rather than adjusting computer settings. This intuitive suite of hardware and software tools helps to minimize maintenance costs and that's good news in anyone's language!

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  • Client Security Solution

    Security made simple.

    This unique hardware / software combination securely protects your vital information.

  • Productivity Centre

    Just press the blue ThinkVantage® button.

    One-button access to configure your system, protect data and organize tasks, applications, help and support tools.

  • System Migration Assistant™ (SMA)

    Faster migration, lower costs.

    Migrate data and settings quickly, accurately and easily so there's less downtime and more productivity.

  • Access Connections

    Move locations with ease.

    Switch between wired, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband easily for instant internet access, in the office or on the move.

  • ImageUltra Builder™

    Deploy images, faster.

    Deploy and manage multiple software images on a fleet of PCs. Saves time and resources. ImageUltra™ Builder can save up to 50% on deployment costs.*

    *TBR white paper 'ThinkVantage® Tools generate hard dollar savings through every stage of the lifecycle' Sept 2007.

  • Rescue and Recovery®

    Deploy critical updates instantly.

    After a systems crash, Rescue and Recovery restores the operating system and PC applications, retaining the most recent data files and can even be deployed remotely

  • System Update

    Simple, automatic updating.

    Simplify and automate Lenovo updates, direct to your computer. Includes applications, device drivers, bios flashes and software updates.

  • Active Protection System

    Brace for impact.

    Like an airbag in a car, sudden motion changes are detected, temporarily disengaging the hard disk drive and protecting it from further damage.

  • Power Manager

    Save on energy.

    Adjust power levels remotely on both ThinkPad® laptops and ThinkCentre® desktops. Save up to 69%# on energy consumption on ThinkCentre® desktops.

    # Savings based on Lenovo testing with a ThinkCentre M58 SFF and L2240p display using Lenovo Power Manager comparing Maximum savings vs. Maximum performance settings. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability. Energy costs and savings calculated with the Lenovo energy calculator. To see how much your company can save with Lenovo Power Manger, access the Lenovo energy calculator on www.lenovo.com/save.

  • Secure Data Disposal™

    Get rid of data for good.

    Re-write deleted files multiple times to ensure selected data is destroyed, permanently.

Think Design

Inspired design that makes you think.

ThinkPads are exceptionally engineered to boost productivity, enhance mobility and reduce your total cost of ownership. We put in a lot of thought when designing the ultimate business notebooks to ensure you get reliability, quality, durability and high performance.

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  • Roll Cage

    Internal protection for your hard drive.

    Made from incredibly strong and light materials such as magnesium alloy or carbon fiber in the ThinkPad® X1 Carbon, the internal roll-cage protects against hard knocks and bumps.

  • Spill-resistant keyboard

    Because accidents can happen.

    In case of accidental spills, internal gutters like those on a roof drain liquid away, so the motherboard isn't damaged.

  • Shock-absorbing feet

    Suspension for your notebook.

    Shock-absorbing feet reduce the impact of everyday bumps while setting up your notebook.

  • Owl-blade fan

    Inspired by nature.

    With an internal cooling fan modelled on an owl's powerful wing and silent flight, ThinkPad® combines a cool and quiet computing experience.

  • ThinkPad® top-cover

    Light and tough for ultimate protection.

    Used in aviation and Formula 1, carbon fiber in the top-cover provides extreme durability, while the resilient reinforced plastic protects the LCD screen.

  • Display hinges

    Strength where you need it most.

    Square pin stainless steel hinges provide a stronger hold between the LCD screen and the base of the notebook for added durability.

  • Shock-mounted hard disk

    Protection from the inside.

    Equipped with metal protection plates to protect from shock and static electricity. Rubber rails also reduce shock, no matter which direction it comes from.

  • TrackPoint® and Touch Pad design

    Get your thinking moving.

    Point, select and drag with the famous red TrackPoint®. Or if a touchpad is preferable, the ThinkPad® TouchPad is intuitive to use with accuracy and excellent feedback.

  • Fingerprint Reader

    Sophisticated security architecture protects your computer from unauthorized access.
    Easy to install and easy to use.