Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook for Education

Cross Platform Transformation
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The Ideal for
digital education

Big performance, bigger multimode flexibility

  • Go further and do more with 2-in-1 innovation
  • PC productivity, touch power, and all-day battery
  • Student-ready responsive feature set
  • Available in 12.5”, 14”, and 15.6” models

Full-powered multi-mode education innovation

Building a 21st-century digital district isn’t easy, especially as budgets trend flat or decline. Students and teachers want to stay connected and productive no matter where they go, and it’s up to IT to match those needs with solutions that don’t sacrifice value or manageability in pursuit of innovation.

  • Ideal for digital learning and testing, with superior stylus and Active Pen options
  • 15.6” model supports 3D camera for advanced collaboration and imaging
  • Legendary Lenovo® reliability stands up to challenges of daily student computing
  • Benefit from performance offered by Intel® Core™ Processors
See the ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook up close. Explore new ways to learn and stay connected with Intel® Inside®. student using Yoga in the library

Building powerful new ways of building and sharing

Maximizing the power of technology in teaching, learning, and testing on limited dollars requires choosing technology that will serve you well today and tomorrow. Our Making the Most of Mobility in Education white paper shows how the innovative ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook is the perfect balance of trusted technology and new ideas, with the serious PC performance and future-ready mobility you need to drive stronger outcomes for students.

  • Up to 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Multi-mode innovation for all-day learning productivity
  • Learning-ready 10-finger multi-touch and stylus support
  • Made for classroom and campus mobility: just over 3.5 lbs and .75” thin
Learn more about the power of mobility.

Four modes, unlimited learning

Yoga 10 modes with icons

The ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook flips and folds to give you innovation that matters — not just bells and whistles. Users get four computing modes that help them rise to the challenges of the day. Create and collaborate on the go or get down to serious work on campus or at home. However these innovative multi-mode devices are used, IT gets a mobility platform that’s easy to secure and manage.

  • Tablet Mode for touch-enabled browsing and research
  • Laptop Mode for assessments and assignments
  • Stand Mode for quick presentation and discussion
  • Tent Mode for hands-free small group collaboration

The power of touch today and tomorrow

Yoga with Windows 8 screen

Students and teachers live in a touch-enabled world, and they want the same capabilities at school. The ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook makes it possible. As new digital resources are developed to be touch-ready, Windows 8 and its apps are leading the way in creating content that’s more engaging and impactful on learners. Even if you don’t see the important of touch now, investing in it today guarantees it’s there tomorrow when you need it.

  • Ready for new touch-powered EDU apps
  • Stylus for quick digitization of notes, sketches, and handwriting
  • Tough, scratch-free display
  • Up to Windows 8.1 Pro
See the growing library for Windows 8 apps.

Education-ready durability

As schools put more and more devices into 24/7 student service, reliability is everything. Device failure starts a clock on costs that can add up fast, from the price of support to the cost of lost productivity. The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook was designed for reliability first, giving you military-grade durability and legendary Lenovo reliability to keep users connected and productive no matter where they go.

  • Tough magnesium frame stands up to all-day use
  • Scratch-resistant glass display
  • Spill-resistant keyboard for those inevitable accidents at school or home
  • Active Protection System™ locks hard drives and safeguards data during falls

Plug and play integration

The ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook gives you big mobility and extensive peripheral and ports support that lets you quickly connect with important accessories and multimedia resources. From superior touch innovation to a whole universe of traditional and new Windows® apps, the ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook improves how you learn, share, and teach.

  • Two USB 3.0 ports and 4-in-1 card reader for quick connectivity with peripherals
  • Stereo audio in/out and Mini HDMI for engaging classroom multimedia
  • Optional OneLink dock cuts desktop clutter with one cord for display and power
  • Support for traditional and new Windows® apps
Yoga multimode

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