Transforming Your IT With Lenovo® Services

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Lenovo® Services:
An Education IT Game Changer

The insight and expertise you need to meet your challenges

  • Leverage scale, automation, and process
  • Smart, reliable managed deployment services
  • Warranty options for uninterrupted learning productivity
  • Green, secure, and compliant disposal of assets and data

Comprehensive, end-to-end lifecycle support

Your technology costs are about a lot more than purchase price. Lenovo Services are focused on reducing the time and costs of your routine device setup, maintenance, migration, and disposal tasks. Our PC Lifecycle Optimization Guide follows the device lifecycle from procurement to disposal, highlighting how Lenovo Services can improve IT efficiency, reduce costs, and help you focus on adding strategic value to long-term instructional and technology plans, including:

  • Strategy/Procurement – match school IT needs to the right products and services support
  • Deployment/Operations – get devices into action on campus faster and working more efficiently
  • Support – quickly restore learning uptime
  • Migrations/Upgrades – simplify big transitions
  • Asset Disposal – ensure asset disposal is secure and sustainable

Big challenges like 1:1 learning, BYOD, and digital assessment readiness demand your immediate attention. Click to see how Lenovo Services can help you focus your limited IT resources where you need them most.

Explore our services lifecycle.

Boosting IT effectiveness
through service provider expertise

Educational IT specialists have big challenges in front of them as they work to build technology solutions that improve student readiness and learning outcomes while also preserving efficiency, manageability, and smarter IT spending. Ultimately, you must find ways to deliver better IT with less. Our new white paper, The Roadmap to Automated and Efficient PC Deployment, looks at how Lenovo Services can help you offload routine and complicated tasks in favor of a new focus on delivering transformational answers to your most important technology and instructional questions.

  • Leverage unprecedented scale of operations and resources
  • Take advantage of industry-leading automation
  • Rely on well-established best practice processes

Get a better idea of how service provider partnerships can change the way you manage IT needs and resources.

Read the white paper to learn more.

Comparing internal and service provider
efficiency by the numbers

Routine administrative tasks can take up to 80% of your IT specialists’ time. This means less time responding to the needs of students and faculty, building new solutions, or finding opportunities for strategic innovation. Service providers are able to leverage scale, automation, and best practice processes to reduce your administrative IT burdens while helping you build a responsive, reliable, cost-effective digital learning environment. Read our comparison guide to see how Lenovo Services can help you meet rising IT needs on shrinking IT budgets:

  • Streamline the creation and management of disk images
  • Speed up configuration and deployment of new devices
  • Simplify device migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8

As the world’s leading provider of education-built products and services, Lenovo understands the challenges you face. Read our comparison guide to learn how much time our services experts can save you.

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