Lenovo ThinkPad L Series for Education

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Value and versatility

Big budget-friendly performance:

  • 10-finger touch and true PC performance
  • Ideal education laptop platform
  • Intel® processor power and manageability
  • Student-tough durability
  • User-friendly campus-wide mobility

Anywhere productivity you can count on

Schools want to give their students and faculty the best technology available – but that takes careful decision-making and the right technology partner. The Lenovo® ThinkPad® L series gives districts and schools the perfect blend of budget-friendly innovation and reliability, helping them build digital infrastructure that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Up to 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors to quickly get through any teaching or learning task
  • Military-grade durability keeps devices ready for 24/7 student duty
  • Meets and exceeds Common Core and other mandated digital assessment requirements
  • Intel Education Software delivers integrated classroom and laboratory apps and tools

Your new mobile champion

L440 with Windows display

The ThinkPad L440 brings unprecedented value to campus-wide mobility strategies, from 1:1 computing strategies to lab and library deployments. Students will appreciate the easy productivity and collaboration tools, while IT and administration get better manageability, rock-solid total cost of ownership, and the legendary reliability that has made Lenovo famous.

  • Education-ready durability and reliability
  • Up to 12 hours battery life for all-day learning
  • 14” HD and HD+ displays for bright, clear visibility in or out of class
  • 720p HD webcam with dual noise-cancelling microphones, Dolby® speakers with Advanced Audio™ and VoIP ready – for seamless student collaboration and distance learning
Read more about what the ThinkPad L440 can do for EDU.

Secure performance on the go

As your IT systems managed more and more protected personal information and student data, your infrastructure and endpoints have to be ready for the challenge. The ThinkPad L series is designed for security from the start, from trusted components to advanced security features.

  • Secure TPM and BIOS infrastructure keeps student data safe
  • Computrace to quickly recover lost or stolen school assets
  • Kensington locks to protect IT investments across campus
  • Powerful FDE and OPAL drive options for worry-free mobile staff productivity

Innovating with mobility

We live in a world that relies on mobile devices more and more every day. Leveraging the true potential of technology starts with creating an infrastructure that’s reliable, efficiency, and easy to both use and manage. Our white paper Mobility Emerges as the Next Wave of K-12 Education Innovation looks at how schools are using mobility technology to improve how students interact, learn, and achieve.

  • Increase student interaction for collaborative, engaging learning environment
  • Improve access to digital education resources anytime, anywhere
  • Create new opportunities for creative thinking and problem solving
  • Drive stronger interaction and collaboration
Read the paper to learn more about what mobility can do for you.
ThinkPad L440