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Take advantage of the innovative Windows apps for education

Students, teachers, and researchers all agree that apps are a powerful and necessary instructional technology in today’s 21st century classrooms. Apps are playing a critical role in schools’ digital transition and are dramatically enhancing the learning process and experience.

Windows 8 laptops and tablets are driving a brand new universe of innovative digital tools and resources, adding to Microsoft’s already established value and support advantages for schools.

Download A Growing Library of Windows 8 Apps for Schools to learn more about using Windows 8’s cutting-edge apps that:

  • Bring learning to life for your students with interactive and engaging teaching resources
  • Differentiate instruction so learning resonates and is memorable for students
  • Foster 21st century skills including collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Meet Common Core and state standards
  • Streamline lesson planning, assessment, and classroom management

Discover some of the top Windows 8 apps for schools

Educational publishers, content developers, and other innovators have all recognized the advantages of the Windows 8 platform and are racing to add new apps everyday to the impressive, existing offering. A Growing Library of Windows 8 Apps for Schools provides an overview of a few of these apps, many of them available for free, that educators can find in the Windows 8 app library. Download the white paper now, to start driving technology innovation in your classroom.

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