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Lenovo Devices: Kid Tested and School Approved

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Central Falls School District Case Study

Lenovo solutions provide durability for K-12 education

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How can you protect your computer equipment from dings and other damage liable to happen in a K-12 school environment, where students are still learning responsibility? One key is to invest in PCs and mobile devices designed specifically for maximum durability.

In K-12, you need to make the most of every dollar, so the computers you choose for students and teachers need to be rugged and reliable. Computers that cost less, but break or fail when students need them, will increase your IT support costs and limit productivity.

Lenovo made durability a top priority when designing its line of education-focused computers and mobile devices. Built with military grade (MIL-SPEC) toughness, these products are meant to endure the drops, dings and spills that are inevitable in any school environment. These MIL-SPEC tests show Lenovo PCs can withstand changes in temperature, altitude, thermal and mechanical shock, and dust. With Lenovo’s dedicated and proven line of devices, you’ll know you have a solution designed to absorb the shocks and stresses of every day school use.

Lenovo computers are used by millions of students worldwide in part due to their recognized ruggedness and reliability – essential qualities for K-12 environments. Whether you are seeking laptops, tablets, desktops, or all-in-ones, you can have the confidence of knowing outstanding functionality and rock-solid reliability are at the heart of every Lenovo machine.

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