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Lenovo creates durable, reliable devices for K-12 education

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In K-12, PCs face a demanding life. Student and teacher devices must be rugged and reliable enough to ensure anytime, anywhere learning yet priced affordably to fit into a limited IT budget. This forces IT into the difficult position of deciding between moderately priced, durable devices verse cheap computers that cost less and look better on the balance sheet. Unfortunately, those cheap computers might have hidden costs due to higher break and fail rates, leading to increased IT support costs and diminished productivity. Not to mention, the additional headaches of teacher and administrator frustration and potential decrease student achievement.

Lenovo® understands these difficult choices. We are dedicated to making education focused devices that are durable, reliable, and affordable. Built with military grade (MIL SPEC) requirements in mind, our products are designed to withstand the drops, dings, and spills that are inevitable in any school environment. With Lenovo’s dedicated and proven full-line of Think® devices, featuring the Intel® family of processors, you’ll know you have a solution designed to absorb the shocks and stresses of every day school use while fitting within your budget.

Lenovo computers are used by millions of students worldwide in part due to their recognized ruggedness and reliability – essential qualities for K-12 environments. Whether you are seeking laptops, tablets, desktops, or all-in-ones, you can have the confidence of knowing outstanding functionality and rock-solid reliability are at the heart of every Lenovo machine.

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