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ThinkPad X131e vs iPad in the Classroom

Not Ready for Common Core? You're Not Alone

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As an increasing number of states adopt Common Core curricula and Digital Assessment Standards, K-12 schools are under mounting pressure to ensure that their IT infrastructure and classroom technology solutions are able to meet new minimum requirements. But, how can you provide your students with the technology they need to succeed while operating on a tight budget?

Download our solution overview, Lenovo is Your Partner in Common Core Readiness, and discover how Lenovo’s powerful, durable and cost-effective classroom IT solutions can help you get the most from a limited budget.

You’ll learn how you can:

  • Empower students with systems powered by the latest Intel® technology
  • Maximize your budget and get 60% off evaluation units
  • Simplify the management of your IT infrastructure
  • Increase the value of your investments with durable solutions that are built to last

As schools and districts decide how meet Common Core State standards (CCSS), technical requirements are just the start. Lenovo’s portfolio of education-built products and services can help you build a reliable, flexible IT infrastructure that can support technology changes and empower your students and teachers for years to come.

Lenovo is dedicated to helping districts adopting CCSS or similar requirements invest in technology that moves schools and students into the future. Take a closer look at our education-built solutions and discover how they can make a real difference in your classrooms.

Download the solution overview to find out more

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