Cloud Computing Solutions for K-12 Education

Infographic: 7 reasons to choose the ThinkPad 11e over the iPad
Affordable 1:1 Computing with Chromebooks
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Transformational K-12
Cloud Possibilities

A smarter way to deliver learning

  • Learn about the powerful ways cloud computing is shaping K-12 education
  • Identify the right cloud solution for your schools
  • Explore our broad portfolio of cloud-optimized PCs and solutions

The future is now: learn what you need to know about cloud computing in education

Schools are struggling to balance cloud computing potential with the unique requirements and expectations of students, teachers, administrators, and IT. The power of the cloud lies in its ability to securely connect teachers, students, and administrators to critical learning and collaboration resources – any device, any location, and any network. This means learning can happen any time, any place, enabling exciting new strategies for engaging and inspiring students in and out of the classroom.

A move to the cloud can bring:

  • Improved infrastructure efficiency
  • Expanded availability and reliability of important applications and content
  • Advanced IT tools to manage, support and secure users and networks
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Stoneware cloud-based classroom management tools delivered through Lenovo devices

LanSchool drives immediate and tangible results through the cloud, inside and outside the classroom:

  • Simplified infrastructure for easy implementation and support
  • Improved student-faculty contact and collaboration
  • Easier delivery of learning to students outside traditional classrooms
Supercharge your classroom computing with webNetwork.

ThinkPad X131e Chromebooks: built for the cloud, optimized for the classroom

Specifically designed for education, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X131e Chromebook is a durable, reliable, secure platform ideally suited for classrooms environments. Learn how it stacks up against the iPad for:

  • Data and student security
  • Ease of use and adoption
  • Specifications and benefits for education infrastructure
  • Enhanced durability and reliability, ensuring students always have access to learning
Explore a new generation of cloud-ready Lenovo ThinkPad devices.

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