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Lenovo Solutions for Higher Education

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ThinkPad X1 Carbon
ThinkPad Yoga: Bringing touch to the commercial notebook PC
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Higher Solutions for Higher Education: Learning Transformed

Lenovo solutions help prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders with reliable, stable and secure PC Plus devices that empower students and professors, and administrators alike.

Cloud Computing: Maximize Your Learning Reach

Colleges and universities need to provide data and application management that intelligently responds to roles, users, devices and provision services accordingly.

Secure Cloud Access (SCA) offered by Lenovo and powered by Stoneware’s webNetwork enables a unified cloud portal that ties local, private and cloud applications with policy-based security and a consistent, intuitive interface that lets your users worry less about credentials and more about credit hours.

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Mobility Solutions for Higher Education

Mobile technology is changing the way students learn and smart colleges and universities are also leveraging mobile wherever possible to transform core systems and services.

Lenovo has the products and expertise you need to navigate mobility challenges and improve how you serve your students and community.

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Comprehensive Threat Protection for Higher Education

PCs open windows to the world for students — both the good and the bad. IT can keep PCs protected with the comprehensive security protocols and protection tools built into all Lenovo products.

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