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Lenovo ThinkPad® X131e Laptop for Education

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ThinkPad X131e
7 Reasons to Choose the ThinkPad X131e Over the iPad for Your Classroom
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Make Learning Come Alive

Classrooms have gone digital, and the Lenovo ThinkPad® X131e laptop with Windows 8 operating system, powered by up to the Intel® Core™ i3 processor, was designed with today’s students in mind. This reliable, customizable, easy-to-use laptop computer was built for the education environment. It empowers educators to change the learning experience and efficiently manage their classroom and supports IT by protecting students from unsafe content, securing data, and managing infrastructures.

Intel Education Software, available pre-loaded on the X131e laptop, helps students foster 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy. It also empowers educators with easy-to-use classroom management tools, and offers security solutions to simplify IT.

students using X131e in the classroom

Innovative education applications from Intel

  • Enable anywhere, anytime learning with leading applications, including:
    • Kno® Textbooks – an interactive eReader which provides students with the ability to experience and explore rich content, such as videos, 3D models, and linked glossaries
    • Lab Camera – a camera-based science exploration application that provides a cost-effective way to complement STEM curriculum with imaging and analysis tools such as time-lapse cam, kinematics, microscope, pathfinder, motion cam, and universal logger
    • ArtRage – Fun, easy-to-use painting and drawing tools, including a wide range of tools and effects such as watercolor, ink pen, flood fill, gloop pen, sticker spray, and text
    • SPARKvue – a data analysis application that collects data from internal and external sensors to study science and math concepts such as temperature, acceleration, sound, light, and magnetometers
    • Media Camera – a multi-media creation and editing tool for project-based learning
  • Simplify classroom management with management and collaboration tools for individual and group learning. Deliver interactive lessons, monitor student learning with quiz functions, administer assessments, transfer files, monitor student screens, and chat with individual students
  • Improve online security with McAfee® Antivirus Plus web, email, and malware protection

Rugged features add durability for the education environment

Featuring reinforced hinges, top-cover cushioning with rubber bumper edges and Lenovo’s Active Protection System™ providing internal hard drive protection, the ThinkPad X131e laptop was built to last – on the go or in the classroom. The spill-resistant keyboard has reduced gaps between keys to prevent damage, while recessed USB and power ports were built to withstand heavy use.

x131e icons

Connect and share with ease

x131e connected

The X131e laptop offers industry-leading wireless connections and is 3G ready for wherever/whenever access to the web, while management tools such as the network activity light prominently located on the top front cover make it easy for educators to monitor when students are online.

Multi-user support and multi-port connectivity to external devices give you the flexibility needed to share devices and information in a learning environment.

All-day performance

With up to 10 hours of battery life, students and educators can stay connected all day without worrying about plugging in while on the go. Additionally, Lenovo’s® Power Management Software improves power efficiency by limiting the energy drain of idle processes – providing an extra surge of energy when needed most and stretching your computer's unplugged run-time and untethered learning to the max.

Extensive customization options

Promote your institution with custom color choices and logo etching to give educators and administrators the look they want, while making computers quickly recognizable.

customized X131e