for Education:

An Introduction

Lenovo® PCs are in the hands of millions of students worldwide—from state schools to private academies. These students are participating in an educational
transformation—1:1 learning.

It's changing the way kids learn and will change the way they lead. We're helping to drive this transformation by empowering improved learning outcomes while increasing operational efficiency.

FOR STUDENTS: Our PCs offer a portal through which they can access a wealth of material, making learning more fun and engaging.

FOR TEACHERS: A Lenovo PC is an invaluable tool for guiding their students through individualised learning experiences.

FOR LEADERS: Lenovo PCs contribute to the standardisation of IT and the lowering of costs, making IT a predictable and reliable part of the school budget.

Here are the top five reasons why Lenovo is a name that students, teachers and school leaders trust.

Trusted in education

Lenovo has established itself as the world's leading supplier of computers to the education sector. Thousands of education institutions worldwide trust Lenovo to deliver machines that enable teachers to make the greatest impact on their students learning outcomes.

We understand that education in the 21st century is a changing landscape where teachers are embracing the latest technology, as long as they can see it will make a clear contribution to improving their students' learning outcomes. Computers in education are not just for fun and games.

They are adding new dimensions to the learning experience, providing new ways of sharing information, interacting and re-imagining concepts and ideas that simply wouldn't be possible using traditional methods.

Our commitment to innovation continues to deliver the best products in the industry. Innovation is how Lenovo achieves competitive differentiation, helping educational institutions to drive down operational costs whilst raising educational attainment.

built Tougher

Lenovo PCs are designed and built to withstand the harshest environments—even a classroom. And it's the reason ThinkPad® is the only PC NASA allows on International Space Station.

For instance, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 has passed eight tough military specification robustness tests, for extreme conditions including heat, cold, dust, vibration, thermal shock, mechanical shock, humidity and altitude.

We test our products rigorously so you can be sure you are providing the very best IT equipment for your teachers and students.

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Lenovo understands that IT reliability is a key concern when it comes to education. The last thing you need are delays to lessons due to faulty PCs.

According to a 2011 Business Technology Review report, our PCs are the most reliable in the industry. And this is not just out of the box but over the whole life cycle of the PC. Lenovo PCs boast the lowest failure rates and cost of repair in the industry.

This means that not only can you run Lenovo PCs for longer but also expect less interruption to teaching and learning and lower associated costs.

You can download an executive summary of the report here:


It's important for large, global companies to act in a way that does as little harm to the environment as possible. At Lenovo, we make PCs that are easy to deploy, made out of durable, environmental friendly material and are easy to dispose of in a responsible manner.

When you put Lenovo PCs in your classrooms, you can be confident of our green supply chain. We work hard to maintain many green and environmental certificates, including:

EPEAT Gold certified for higher environmental performance

TCO Certified Edge qualified with
minimum use of recycled post-consumer plastic

ENERGY STAR® 5.2 certified for superior energy management

Desktop Power Manager with Cisco EnergyWise certification optimises work and power usage

EuP 2013 compatible for less energy consumption – 1W when idle

for Windows

Lenovo's exceptional partnership with Microsoft® has produced a new breed of PCs with unmatched functionality including start up times nearly 40% faster than comparable systems. We call this Enhanced Experience (EE).

A Lenovo Enhanced Experience PC offers more than just faster boot-up times though. These systems are optimised to deliver security features including self-encrypting drives, fingerprint ID, BIOS port locks, and more.

Superior web conferencing functionality incorporates light-adaptive HD webcams, advanced noise-cancellation technology, and dual digital array microphones.

If you want PCs with Windows to run faster and smoother in your classrooms, then you need look no further than a Lenovo PC with Enhanced Experience.