Erase distractions and boost learning with Lenovo’s 1:1 tools for classroom management

One-to-one computing is designed to help students excel, but teachers benefit, too. While some teachers resist the 1:1 model for fear of losing control over the classroom, in reality, 1:1 learning gives you more control over your classes.

Lenovo's Classroom Director software running on a ThinkPad laptop

Lenovo devices drive our classroom management applications and tools. For example, using Lenovo Classroom Director a teacher can control each student’s laptop, assuring that everyone sees the same information and images at the same time. In addition, instructors can “black” each student’s laptop at one time, re-focusing student attention on the teacher. When a student produces work that is a model for the entire class, you can send that work to each laptop simultaneously, focusing the class on the excellent result and how it was achieved.

What’s more, polling capabilities engage students in educational content, allowing them to express their opinions or respond to quiz question individually, then see what their classmates think, too. Teachers can use such polls to measure student proficiency and identify which students need more instruction.

Finally, in a Lenovo-enabled 1:1 environment, teachers can easily tell how quickly each student is moving through the content. This electronically enabled pacing gauge is an early warning system alerting you to the students who need greater challenges and those who need more attention.

Visit Lenovo Classroom Director for more information or to download a trial version.