Foster creativity and prepare students for the real world with Lenovo PCs and premier software applications

Armed with the right technology tools, every student can become an artist, engineer, musician, scientist or writer. That’s the promise of 1:1 learning, and you can deliver on it with rugged and reliable Lenovo PCs, and premier applications such as Adobe Digital School Collection, Microsoft Office, SAS Curriculum Pathways and the Britannica Online School Edition. These tools will let your students explore, create and showcase what they are learning through professional-looking videos, data-rich graphics and more.

Adobe Digital School Collection

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With the Digital School Collection you can incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom using Adobe’s complete set of easy-to-master applications. The solution offers document management and portfolio creation tools for enhancing learning experiences in language arts, history, music and the sciences.

SAS Curriculum Pathways

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An online resource for your students and teachers, SAS Curriculum Pathways provides standards-based content in core disciplines for high schools, community colleges, virtual schools and other environments. The package provides you with interactive materials that target higher-order thinking skills and is differentiated for varied learning styles; topics mapped to state standards for high schools; and research-validated best practices for instruction.

Microsoft Office

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About 80 percent of businesses operate Microsoft Office, making the software suite essential for students preparing for college and beyond. But Microsoft’s applications help drive success in the classroom, too. With Microsoft Office 2010’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, your students can craft professional-looking documents, charts and presentations that demonstrate their understanding of content and concepts. What’s more, Microsoft’s OneNote software allows students and teachers to store and share information and documents in a single, easy-to-access location — enabling collaboration and keeping everyone in sync and up to date.

Britannica Online School Edition

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Designed for all levels of learning, the Britannica Online School Edition offers your students a gateway to the vast resources of Encyclopædia Britannica. It gives teachers and students instant access to complete encyclopedias and supplemental materials that ensure consistency with classroom topics and age-appropriate language. Students can perform integrated searching of 98,000 articles and multimedia features. Teachers can use high-quality online learning materials, developed by curriculum experts, to prepare effective 1:1 learning projects and activities.