Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Lenovo is proud to partner with YouTube in the ultimate global science competition, YouTube Space Lab, which will enable future astronauts, biologists, designers and dreamers to send their ideas into space. Six regional finalists will go to Washington, DC and win an IdeaPad laptop. Two global winners will have their experiments performed on the International Space Station.

Your experiment, 250 miles above Earth, for the world to see. What will you do?

Your Lenovo PC is your window to the world

With a Lenovo computer, you can turn your living room into a classroom, your kitchen table into a library, your school desk into your own personal window on the world.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops let learning happen anywhere and anytime. Our ThinkCentre and ThinkStation PCs turn desktops into science labs, publishing houses and concert halls. Every Lenovo is loaded with the computing power, leading-edge software and online tools students need to create and connect.

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Lenovo’s security features keep students’ data safe and help lost PCs find their way home again.

Plus, our PCs are as tough as they are smart. Lenovo's leading-edge innovation is protected by military-spec standards for durability — meaning your Lenovo will forgive drops and spills and hot, dusty field trips.

Lenovo is a name students, parents and educators trust. That’s why more than 4 million students rely on Lenovo PCs.