K-12 operational efficiency

Lenovo makes deploying and supporting thousands of computers easy

X-series tablets

Districts and schools across the United States face the same two core challenges: too few IT professionals to deploy technology to the classroom and no budget to hire.

Lenovo understands. We’ve created a complete portfolio of rugged, dependable computing devices that can take anything K-12 students dish out. Plus, we’ve built a suite of console-based management tools that minimize desk-side visits and put you back in control. Every Lenovo computer comes with embedded security to help assure students’ online safety. Our goal: help you implement 1:1 learning cost effectively.

So, take a deep breath and leave the reactive world of K-12 support behind. With Lenovo, you can get ahead of the curve and stay there. We have the educational expertise and technology to make 1:1 come alive in your school or district.

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  • total cost
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  • deployment
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