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Higher Education Public Computing

Higher Education Public Computing

Public Computing Demands Rugged All-in-OnesLenovo A70z

As higher education budgets shrink, colleges and universities are cutting costs by using technology to manage repetitive processes such as taking orders for books and meals, offering directions and answering frequently asked questions. Public computing, the use of centrally located, compact computer kiosks to handle routine informational and transactional needs, supplements one-to-one interactions with faculty and staff, opening up limited space and freeing higher education professionals to focus on the business of learning.

Rugged Design Ideal for Public Computing in Higher Education

Lenovo has created a family of energy efficient, space-saving All-in-Ones ideal for public computing. These sleek, self-contained computing devices include a CPU, memory, hard drive and large displaythat can rest on a flat surface using a sturdy built-in stand or can be mounted on a wall — perfect for space-saving kiosks. Lenovo All-in-Ones can be customized to fit an institution's specific needs. And they are rugged enough to take anything students, faculty, administrators and the public can dish out, from banging on the touchscreen to spilling beverages.

Dazzlingly bright, wide-screen monitors display a full range of colorful graphics and visuals, encouraging frequent use. Even a novice user can navigate quickly and easily. Their small footprint allows an All-in-One to squeeze into the most limited of spaces. Because the devices weigh less than 20 pounds and use only one or two cables, deployment and redeployment are easy.

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