Simplify IT tasks and lower costs

Lower your school’s costs and simplify IT tasks with Lenovo custom imaging

Average total cost savings of $691 per PC

Building a PC’s image —  loading all the software and configurations that govern how the computer operates and connects to a set of applications — takes significant time and effort. A well-executed imaging strategy will help schools manage costs and create consistent computing environments for students, teachers and administrators. Yet time devoted to imaging can distract a school’s limited IT staff from their No. 1 goal: using technology to help students excel.

That’s why many schools are turning to Lenovo for help. Our studies show that, over the lifetime of a fleet of PCs, Lenovo Custom Imaging not only has saved valuable time for our customers, it also has saved them an average of $179 per device.

With Lenovo Imaging Services, PCs are Ready on Arrival

Lenovo uses its expertise in imaging to consistently deliver fully loaded PCs to schools on time and under budget.

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