1:1 training comes before teaching: Let Lenovo and Atomic Learning be your guide to professional development

Creating a 1:1 program is an extraordinary investment. Leverage it wisely by knowing how best to use the tools you’re putting in the classroom.

One of the biggest challenges teachers face when integrating PCs into classroom instruction is a lack of training. By partnering with Lenovo, your school will get not only leading-edge technology, but also knowledge. We know that for 1:1 to be truly effective, educators must know how to use it.

The Atomic Learning professional development system, a vast and affordable online training resource, helps administrators, teachers and students better understand and communicate in a technology-enabled classroom.

Brought to you by Lenovo, Atomic Learning first allows administrators to select curricula and supporting materials. From there, teachers are given access to a searchable library of more than 50,000 short videos and other materials to help them teach in a technology-based classroom.

The Atomic Learning system includes:

What’s more, Atomic Learning offers Blended Learning courses, a hybrid of traditional stand-up professional development and online instruction, and are focused on classroom application.