Impassioned learning comes to life with Lenovo

Two elementary school students at Cary Academy using a Lenovo ThinkPad tablet PC

Now you can ignite students’ interest in learning and expand instructors’ teaching prowess with durable, reliable and powerful computers from Lenovo. Our computers use rich media to draw students into their subjects because engaged students simply learn better.

We understand that education begins with improved learning outcomes but it doesn’t end there. That’s why we provide a wealth of console-based management tools to put scarce IT professionals back in control. Centralized technology management simplifies the complexities of educational support, and budget-constrained educational systems prefer our low cost of ownership.

Your students' experiments, 250 miles above Earth, for the world to see. What will they do?

Lenovo is proud to partner with YouTube in the ultimate global science competition, YouTube Space Lab, which will enable future astronauts, biologists, designers and dreamers to send their ideas into space. Six regional finalists will go to Washington, DC and win IdeaPad laptops; two global winners will have their experiments performed on the International Space Station.

  • Policy - Construct an effective learning environment
  • Devices - Reliable devices mean reliable results
  • Applications - Foster creativity with premium software
  • Professional development - Training comes before teaching
  • Classroom management - Erase distractions and boost learning