K-12 Lenovo One-to-One Assessment

Implementing a one-to-one program is a significant decision which will affect the daily lives of all members of the learning community. This engagement is designed to quickly and accurately assess a school or districts readiness for a one-to-one program. Due to the complexities inherent in One-to-One initiatives often times schools may not realize what they are missing in planning for their program. This free tool will provide schools and districts a confident perspective in where the pain points are and what areas they should be looking to for further consideration.

Goals of the Engagement:

This Assessment process begins with an online survey tool that reviews the functional areas to be considered in developing a program. While not necessarily comprehensive, the purpose of this tool is to help you evaluate your needs and plan for successful implementation from the onset. Both quantitative and qualitative information is gathered. The online survey takes approximately 45 minutes and will be perhaps the single most important factor in ensuring you and your team are covering all the bases. We highly encourage the inclusion of key faculty, tech staff and Administrators in the completion and review.

Upon submission, our team will work with you to schedule a timely, one-hour review of the survey. During the call we will discuss red flag areas of concern and spend the balance of the time on the topics you have designated as most important.

After the call, a 3-4 page deliverable will be prepared that will summarize the key discussion points and provide a number of recommended “Next Steps” for consideration. Some of these recommendations will be simple, tactical tips that you can integrate into your plans right away. Others will be customizable follow-on engagements to consider and assist in your endeavor to efficiently and effectively launch a highly successful initiative.