Reliable computing devices from Lenovo are key to 1:1 computing success

Administrators, faculty, researchers and students need computers they can rely on day after day. Outstanding functionality and rock-solid reliability and durability are at the heart of every Lenovo device, whether it’s a tablet PC, laptop or desktop computer.

Lenovo’s Think devices feature military-spec toughness that can endure the inevitable drops, bangs and spills — ensuring always-on reliability and lower repair and replacement costs for your institution. No wonder hundreds of higher-education institutions worldwide rely on Lenovo.

Tablets and Laptops

The new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet PC

ThinkPad tablet PCs and laptops enable individualized instruction not confined by space or time. The devices are portable, reliable and tough enough to handle constant use, even in the lab or on campus. They also offer superb functionality and long-lasting batteries that let you go unplugged for hours. Among the features:

Desktops, All-In-Ones and Workstations

A70zFor institutions with small budgets but big computing needs, ThinkCentre desktop and all-in-one PCs offer exceptional value and performance. For more demanding workloads, Lenovo ThinkStation desktop workstations are engineered for the muscle you need to drive digital content creation, engineering, design, scientific modeling and more. These devices offer lightening-fast processors, advanced security features and leading data protection. They also offer space-conscious options to fit any environment. Among the features: