Enhance learning with tools for managing technology-enabled instruction

A technology-enabled educational environment gives your institution a way to reach increasingly nomadic students, and it also provides students with the means to become more actively engaged in learning. Lenovo not only offers the reliable and durable tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers that are the framework of technology-enabled education, we also offer the software management tools your faculty and students need.

Lenovo Classroom Director running on a ThinkPad laptop

Using Lenovo Classroom Director, faculty can ensure students see the same information and images on their PCs at the same time. In addition, when a student produces work that is a model for the entire class, the instructor can send that work to each laptop simultaneously, focusing on excellent results and how they were achieved.

What’s more, polling capabilities involve students in educational content, allowing them to express their opinions or respond to quiz questions individually — and see what their classmates think, too. It’s an ideal way to engage students who’ve grown up in a social media-infused world. What’s more, faculty can use such polls to measure student proficiency and identify who is ready for greater challenges or who may need more attention.

Visit Lenovo Classroom Director for more information or to download a trial version.