Boost student success and instructional efficiency with premier software applications and tools

Armed with the right technology tools, every one of your students is on the way to becoming an artist, engineer, musician, scientist — or something we haven’t yet imagined.

That’s the promise of technology-enabled learning, and your institution can deliver on it by combining rugged and reliable Lenovo PCs and with premier applications such as Adobe Creative Suite.

What’s more, Lenovo Customer Imaging solutions can preload these applications onto your Lenovo devices — meaning they’re ready for action the moment they’re shipped.

Adobe Creative Suite

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From graphic and interactive design to Web design and development to photography and business programs, Adobe’s integrated workflows allow students and faculty to focus on the aesthetic, emotional and creative impact of their work, not on the technology.

Microsoft Office

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About 80 percent of businesses operate Microsoft Office, making the software suite essential for students preparing for careers. With Microsoft Office 2010’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, your students can craft professional-grade documents, charts and presentations that demonstrate their understanding of content and concepts. Plus, Microsoft’s OneNote software allows students and faculty to store and share information and documents in a single, easy-to-access location — enabling collaboration and keeping everyone in sync and up to date.