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Lenovo Customer Center

Accelerate knowledge. Gain perspective. Save time.

IT professionals face relentless, daily pressure to address big challenges like security and compliance, while managing far-flung global infrastructures and supporting increasingly mobile end-users. With shrinking IT budgets, this leaves precious little time and resources for more basic, day-to-day tasks like managing PCs.

Lenovo can help.

Through our Customer Centers in North Carolina and Beijing, your organization gains access to renowned experts in client management, innovative PC technologies and designs, mobile computing, information security and disaster recovery, among other areas.

Attending a Lenovo customer briefing will deliver an outstanding return on investment by minimizing the time it takes your organization to make informed procurement decisions and plan for the future. It’s a fast way to stay ahead of the latest trends, technologies and opportunities related to client computing.


"I’ve been to many briefings... and this was clearly one of the best. Topics and speakers were well organized, the food was fabulous, and the environment was very conducive to our discussions. We gleaned a lot of valuable information..."
- Global Religious Organization

"Great presentations and strategic discussions about where the industry is headed."
- Large U.S. Public University

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