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Sample Agenda Topics – Beijing

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Below is a sample of the informative presentations and discussions on critical client computing issues that clients can request for their customized briefing agendas:

  • Lenovo’s corporate strategy and current business situation
  • ThinkVantage Technologies and strategies for lowering PC total cost of ownership
  • Global supply chain strategies: Lenovo “worldsourcing”
  • Lenovo product overviews (notebook, desktops, options, software)
  • Lenovo’s Olympic involvement and branding strategy
  • Lenovo’s environmental and social responsibility initiatives
  • The future of PC designs and technologies
  • Comparison of PC features and designs between Lenovo and other suppliers
  • Services, software and peripherals
  • The latest “green” PC technologies

In addition, clients have the opportunity to select tours of key Lenovo facilities to enhance their knowledge of PC technology trends and Lenovo capabilities.

See options for touring Lenovo facilities in Beijing.

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