In business, success is all about beginning the fastest, staying the longest and being the finest. It’s about finding the new. New ways to do business. New ways to grow. New ways to succeed. Cut through to the new, with Lenovo.

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The Lenovo Stories

A new thought, a new idea or a new tool. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a difference. Like for these people below, who found their inspiration through their Lenovo machines. Click on them to find out how they Cut Through To The New.

  • Entrepreneur


    We are only a 5-person team now, but my dream of having my own business is finally true, with the ThinkPad Edge.

  • IT / Procurement

    IT / Procurement

    Thanks to the ThinkCentre A70z, we now have the place to grow from 300 employees to even double that number!

  • Executive / Manager

    Executive / Manager

    My Lenovo laptop ensures I make a good impression - for me and for every one of my 30 colleagues.


Tools and Resources

Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources

Brochures, data sheets & resources. Your one-stop, to get all the information you need, on our SMB solutions.